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You don’t have to look your age. It’s easy to look youthful and vibrant with Botox injections. This fast treatment minimizes wrinkles and reduces forehead lines, frown lines, fine wrinkles on the bridge of the nose, eyebrows shaping,  and crow’s feet.*

Before getting Botox for the first time, you’ll want to book a complimentary consultation with us to discuss which areas of the face you wish to have treated.  
At the end of the consultation appointment, you’ll have a clear understanding of the amount of Botox to be injected and where you will be getting it. 
Typical Botox treatments range from 20-60units. 


Do you feel like your ears are full or plugged? Do you think it is due to wax? We’ll make an appointment to have your ears looked at and have the wax removed. 


Dermaplaning is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure for your skin. A special instrument is used to shave away the uppermost layers of your skin.

Dermaplaning can help reduce the appearance of acne scars or other skin imperfections by revealing newer, undamaged skin. It can make your skin look younger; though, it doesn’t stop the aging process. Some people also get dermaplaning for hair removal. This is only a temporary fix because your hair will grow back.


B12 injection helps increase energy, improves mood, improves recovery from illness, and may help with weight loss. Book a consultation to determine if this is right for you.


IV hydration is performed by starting an IV in an arm and infusing a mixed bag of vitamins and minerals. IV nutrient is a type of therapy commonly used for its wide range of health benefits, which can include anti-aging, improved immune system minimized anxiety, reversed symptoms of hangovers and more.

Here is a list of the mixes that will be initially offered, and what the mixes are suggested for: 

+ Immunity

     - Immune health 

+ Meyers 

     - Helps with seasonal allergies, fatigue and inflammation

+  Beauty 

     -Helps hydrate skin and fortify hair and nails

+ Reboot

     - Hangover, headache and nausea 

+ Get up and go

     - Helps kickstart your metabolism and feel more energized

+ Recovery and Performance 

     - Helps shorten the time of recovery after an injury and potentially improve athletic ability

Weight Loss Essentials

Have you been trying to lose weight? Do you feel stuck or like you could use some assistance in your weight loss journey? 

Now offering different weight loss options that are personalized to your goals.

Schedule a consult today to help you reach your goals.  

*****Telehealth visits available for individuals who live in Iowa and Nebraska. More States to come.*****

*****Some medication is prescribed from a compounded pharmacy.*****

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*** Please Review No-Show/Cancellation Policy prior to scheduling***

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